• Work safety

Work safety and health are the guiding principles of our corporate culture, which promotes mutual respect, trust and responsibility. Systematic activities in this area make a significant contribution to innovative, operational development. Our aim is to achieve maximum retention of the health of our employees, as well the prevention of personal injury and the guaranteed safety of third persons. Our number one objective is zero accidents.

Every employee should go home from work safe and sound.
Certification according to OHSAS 18001 with the relevant, annual monitored programmes on health and safety as well as ambitious occupational health measures to promote the health of our staff ensure continuous improvements and a high standard in these areas which are particularly important for manufacturing companies.

Safety begins in the mind

The promotion of safety consciousness amongst the workforce is a focal point of our continuing efforts with regard to the raising of occupational safety levels. Following a series of technical improvement measures, good working conduct amongst employees has been furthered by ongoing explanatory activities and training aimed at a targeted increase in awareness. The objective was and is that our personnel first be carried out their tasks when a conscious assessment of the dangers has been completed at the respective moment and in accordance with predetermined principles.
An initial step in this direction was achieved through an internal analysis regarding the topic of “Learning from accident near misses”. The increase in the registration of first aid measures and near misses can be traced to our communications offensive and is to be seen as positive.

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