Raubling Papier GmbH in figures

Location Raubling, Germany
Products Corrugated containerboard (kraftliner substitute, corrugating medium, testliner)
Starboard Kraft Top
Starboard Liner
Starboard Wave

In recent years the paper mill has also become renowned for its high-quality niche products:
Starboard IceWave
Starboard IceWave Pro
Capacity 220,000t of paper
Markets 60% national, 40% international
Management and certification systems DIN 15593, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001,
FSC®, FSC-C103697
Customers The majority of company customers are found within a radius of 500km.
Production 2014: 207,000t of paper
Sales revenues 2014: approx. EUR 81m (consolidated)
Employees 2014: 145

Key indicators of the power plant (HBB)

Electricity output 11.5+11.5+2.01 MW
Gas purchases approx. 600GWh/y
Biogas production approx.17GWh/y
Steam 315GWh thermal/y
Electricity 138GWh electrical/y
District heating approx. 2,000 MWh/y
Planned expansion of the heat supply to the village of Raubling;
volume increase: 1,000MWh/y

Key indicators of the wastewater treatment plant

Water is taken from the River Inn for production purposes. At the end of the related process, the water is cleaned in a treatment plant and then returned to the river.

Capacity 183,000 pe (population equivalent)
Throughput 4.600 m³/d
Improved efficiency > 97% (CSB)
2 anaerobic reactors 1 aerobic treatment phase
Biogas production approx. 17GWh/y

All the statutory regulations are measured and adhered to in accordance with the German Self-Monitoring Ordinance.

Liquid board plant

Raubling Papier GmbH is a partner for the recycling of liquid board.

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